It was just a bit of a lark, looking around, trying to find articles on books. It also was an excuse to look for football blogs, at least the kind that aren’t major corporations in disguise, or pretend somehow that their opinions are “professional”, as opposed to “amateur”. That distinction seems a little foolish to me, unless you’re, say, Jeff Ireland or Tim Newsome.

One of the first to appear on my  radar was a two article selection of books (here and here) from Football Relativity. I like this blog; it’s one I’d like to take seriously in terms of where I want to be in a few months. One thing the food blogging biz has taught me is that patience is everything as a blogger, and time and improvements are measured in months and years. People start coming when your content is good, and then stick around when your content routinely shows up. Persistently adding content is the hard part.

Another football blog I’ve found this way is Takin’ It to  the House. Lloyd Vance makes a living writing and analyzing sports. He also does radio. Though I’d consider him a media professional, his blog feels more quirky, more individual, more hip, less a product than most. His blogroll is definitely cool. His thoughts on good  NFL books can be found here.

Finally, from a blog more about books than football – books are a good thing – we get the following recommendations.