To explain the columns below, Median is a median point spread, and can be used to get a feel for how good a team is without overly weighting a blowout win or blowout loss. HS is Brian Burke’s Homemade Sagarin, as implemented in Maggie Xiong’s PDL::Stats. Pred is the predicted Pythagorean expectation. The exponent for this measure is fitted to the data set itself. SOS, SRS, and MOV are the simple ranking components. MOV is margin of victory, or point spread divided by games played. SOS is strength of schedule. SRS is the simple ranking.

New England  is atop the Median measure, followed by Green Bay and Houston. Topping Pythagoreans is Green Bay, followed closely by San Francisco and Houston. Green Bay is leading by plenty in both MOV and SRS, as MOV is one metric where they separate substantially from the rest of the NFL.