My system went 3-0-1 last weekend (Or 3-1 if you consider my prediction in the Bengals – Chargers game a loss, as opposed to “too close to pick”), so time to present playoff odds for the second round of the playoffs.

Divisional Round Playoff Odds
Home Team Visiting Team Score Diff Win Prob Est. Point Spread
Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints 0.676 0.663 5.0
Carolina Panthers SF 49ers -0.157 0.461 -1.2
Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers 0.411 0.601 3.0
New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts -0.060 0.485 -0.4


Odds that differ by less than a point in estimated point spread are probably not significant, and from my POV, a suggestion that you don’t bet that particular game.