It’s hard, sometimes, getting past the hopes, dreams, assumed truths, the outright lies, the hype and blather of the draft season and dig down to real assessments, real evaluations, and for that matter, the real news of the day. I don’t consider much of what Pro Football Talk reports as real news. I tend more to fellas like Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas, Dan Graziano of ESPN NFC East, and these days, Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

"All we want are the facts ma'am"
Image from Wikimedia.

Les, yesterday, came out with a series of tweets with regard to Eagles GM Howie Roseman where he was content to play the straight man. Sometimes, we need that and it is appreciated. I am happy enough to let the Florios and Skip Baylesses of the world be my cynics. Sometimes I need a guy who doesn’t look up and horse laugh when a news figure delivers a dubious line. Les’s followup article is here. Dan Graziano’s take on Howie is here.

That said, Les isn’t without his wits. The best NFCE draft related tweet of yesterday was this one:

Roseman talks danger of taking guy high who is “the best of a bad bunch” rather than a really good player. I think this means no Mark Barron